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Thoughts on Branding, Sparked by a Jaguar

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

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As a marketer I see branding and #marketing everywhere I go. This morning as I sit here with this fierce vehicle staring at me, I don't think about driving fast and sticking the corners (maybe I should), I think about branding.

I think about how branding goes far beyond a logo, color palette, and design elements. A brand IS the business. The business IS the brand. It's the feeling your clients have when they interact with you, when they buy and use your product and service. It's what they think and feel about your business AFTER their experience.

You have a brand, whether you created it with intention or not. What does your brand say?

Jaguar's brand says, "Performance that cannot be measured, only felt." They apply this concept not just to their vehicles, but throughout their culture and operations.

And when you drive a #Jaguar, you CLEARLY understand the brand.

Let's talk about your brand.

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