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Social Media: Micro Conversions Count

Count Your Social Media Micro Conversions

Anytime someone starts marketing on social media, they always ask, “What’s my ROI? How many leads can I get?”

That’s understandable. Everyone wants leads. When you do marketing, you should get leads, right?

Yes, but. . .

Yes, but it’s a false expectation that if you’re paying all this money, you should be getting all these leads in your inbox.

Yes, but marketing is about more than generating leads, it’s about brand awareness, brand protection, customer service, and getting people to become raving fans and repeat buyers.

Yes, but you can’t close a sale from a lead in your inbox.

To paraphrase Gary Vaynerchuk, marketers who try to close a sale from a lead are about as smooth as a teenager who tries to “close the deal” on a first date.

In other words, leads aren’t sales. Leads are names of people who signed up for your newsletter or downloaded your first white paper. Marketing is all about connections and relationships, and sales come out of that. If you want fast connections, that’s advertising. But good marketing focuses on creating trusted relationships.

And you can’t do that without additional micro conversions.

That’s what you should be counting.

Because micro conversions build relationships with your potential customers. That’s how they come to trust and like you, and that’s what ultimately turns them into paying customers.

What’s a Micro Conversion

A micro conversion can be “read this blog” or “ask a question and receive a phone call” or “let’s connect on LinkedIn.”

You could publish a blog post and have the “let’s connect on LinkedIn” call to action at the bottom of the article. If someone clicks it and connects with you, that’s a micro conversion!

They didn’t reach the end of the article and decide to buy your $5,000 machine. They didn’t buy a subscription. They didn’t even say they wanted to commit to a long-term relationship. But they decided to connect with you a little more. You converted them, but on a micro scale.

As you progress, you can start increasing the depth and complexity of the conversions, but you can also increase the value of the reward:

‘Download this free checklist.’

‘Download this eBook.’

‘Answer this survey.’

‘Join this webinar.’

‘Visit our booth at the trade show.’

And so on. .

Why Micro Conversions

The average number of marketing touches between a prospect and a brand is 7 – 13 times before you can get to a close. And each of those touches should be more than seeing your ad on a website, they need to be micro conversions in order to actually deepen the relationship.

Don’t be enamored with getting lots of leads and playing a numbers game. Everyone on social media is fascinated with having a large number of followers, likes, and reach. Those are important, but they don’t necessarily equate to quality.

The Reality Check

In this age of social media saturation, quality is still the watchword, not quantity. There are plenty of self-published authors with hundreds of thousands of followers who still aren’t selling more than a few dozen books. High numbers don’t translate into sales. You’re better off having a few hundred people who will always buy from you than tens of thousands who won’t.

Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not something you do once or twice and then start rolling in your giant piles of money. It’s a strategy that lasts the life of your business, especially if you’re focused on small business branding or personal branding.

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