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Irresistible Email Marketing Headlines That Your Readers Can’t Ignore

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers. Convincing people to open marketing messages is often difficult, though. If your business is in the e-commerce industry, statistics from MailChimp suggest that 16.71 percent of your subscribers will open your average email. Only 2.34 percent will click through to your website.

Acquiring more subscribers is one way to counter low engagement rates in email marketing. Convincing people to give you their email addresses is a slow and difficult process, though. What if you could do more with the subscribers you already have instead? If more people open your messages, more people will click through and ultimately buy.

How you get more people to open your email marketing messages? It all begins with the subject line.

Explain the Benefits of Reading

You can make your email headlines irresistible by using very specific terms to explain the benefits of reading. Examine these three headlines: • Increase Your Online Earnings With These Tips • One of Our Readers Will Win a Fabulous Prize This Week • You Don’t Want to Miss These Deals The three above headlines may appeal to some people, but they describe the benefits of reading using vague terms. Look at how much more enticing the subject lines become when they specifically describe the benefits of reading: • Follow These Seven Steps to Earn an Extra $500 Online • One of Our Readers Will Win a 4K HDTV This Week • Take an Extra 50% Off While Supplies Last

Create a Sense of Urgency

When you send an email marketing message, the subject line should entice your subscribers to read immediately. Try to create a sense of urgency to let subscribers know that they shouldn’t put off reading the message. Here are a few subject lines that describe the benefits of reading and create a sense of urgency: • 50% Off All Products — Ends in 12 Hours • Free Beauty Sampler With Any Order — First 20 Customers Only • NES Classic Edition Back in Stock — Only 15 Units Remaining

Pique Subscribers’ Curiosity

Even if you do an excellent job of specifically describing the benefits of reading your messages, you’ll have difficulty getting some subscribers to open them. Spice your headlines up occasionally by adding a sense of mystery. People often find cryptic email headlines difficult to resist. Use this technique sparingly, though, because people often tend to ignore email headlines that look like clickbait. Here are a few examples of mysterious email headlines: • Did We Catch You at a Bad Time? • We’ve Unlocked the Secret • We Weren’t Supposed to Send This • Don’t Open This Message

Start Writing Better Email Marketing Headlines Now

To summarize, the best thing that you can do to improve your email marketing results is to use headlines that specifically describe the benefits of reading. To convince your subscribers to open your messages immediately, create a sense of urgency. Once in a while, grab readers’ attention with something unusual, mysterious or counterintuitive. The most successful email headline of the Barack Obama presidential campaign was “Hey.” You never know what might resonate with your subscribers — so never stop experimenting.

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