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How Motherhood is Like Leadership, an Illustration

One morning this week I stepped out on the deck and looked down on the beach before the sun peaked above the horizon. My youngest son standing in the breeze. Once again the glimmer of a man peeking through this boy as he stood there gazing into the vastness of the ocean, both with the fullness of the day, and his life ahead of him, and my breath caught a little in my throat.

As each day passes he steadily says goodbye to his boyhood and steps into this new Man. I see with increasing clarity the talent and potential in him. A born leader, determined, agile, witty, charismatic, athletic, compassionate, and wild. All to a degree that is intimidating.

As his mother, it is my duty to inspire him to reach HIS greatness, and then get the hell out of his way.

It is the same in #leadership.... we are to see the strength and potential in others, inspire them to reach #greatness all while staying the hell out of the way!

And that is how #motherhood is like leadership (but messier).

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