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Hi, I'm Trish


Thank you for dropping by the Marketing Smarty Pants.  We’re assuming you’d like to get to know us a bit, since you landed on our “About Us” page.  We LOVE marketing, and we especially enjoy working with small businesses.  So much so, that our pricing structure is designed to be affordable for small businesses while still yielding excellent quality.  We understand that small business is hard, and every penny counts.  But, small businesses need marketing too!! That’s where we step in.  We will analyze your situation, and recommended services based on what we determine to be your greatest opportunities. A.K.A. Low Hanging Fruit. At the heart of our services is CONTENT.  Without great content, your audience will tune you out.  From video marketing to email marketing and design, we focus on content.  It’s what’s best for you.   In short, we’re marketers who care.

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